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Looking for a High Performance Candidate? Skip the Job Board

Are job boards irrelevant for finding top talent? Pretty much.   Job boards were the first step past “help wanted” newspaper advertisements. Big boards moved the job marketplace online and gave seekers and employers agility in posting and applying for open positions.   A recent survey of job board operators notes online job postings generate…

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Find the Right IT Recruiter Today

If you are a top-flight IT executive or professional thinking about a job change, chances are good a recruiter can help you open doors. But how do you find the right recruiter?   At present, there are skills shortages across industry at all levels. This means conditions are good for workers seeking lateral or upward…

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Recruitment: Hiring Top Talent Pays Off

With a tightening candidate pool, desirable job applicants have their choice of employers—and recruiters. As a consultant to C-level professionals, I routinely work with exceptional candidates seeking exceptional opportunities. Building high-level teams requires an understanding of high performing talent and the ability to recruit for outcomes and employment satisfaction.   What is “top” talent?  …

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