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Talent acquisition management: Tips for attracting applicants for high performance IT work

My business helps corporate teams meet goals, improve IT processes, and optimize staffing opportunities.  Problem solving for Fortune 500 and medium-sized enterprise means we continually work with the best innovators and creators—in those looking to hire, and candidates thinking about a change.

Recruiters are a crucial business partner.  Companies challenged by talent poaching and declining revenue have the opportunity to create significant investment opportunities with each new hire.  The revenue difference between employees who return high and average performance can be in the millions of dollars.  Just ask Google.

As a recruiter, or a hiring manager, looking for a top tech hire, or to add to a high performance IT group, consider these talent acquisition strategies:

  • Know what you need: Understand up front the type and qualities of talent needed for the project, or the position.  Is a star performer what you need for the level and length of this position?
  • What about engagement? Whether employed or actively looking, high level IT personnel are often passively investigating new opportunity. Where does employee engagement rank with your company?  If placed for a project or permanent hire, what challenges, training, advancement, non-tangible and tangible benefits do you offer top candidates?
  • What is your value proposition? Company vision and culture attract and keep top tier candidates. High performers identify with high performing companies who maintain a good brand reputation.

Hiring top talent pays off.  When you need the right professional for your business or IT team, contact us at the Hunt Group.