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Tech recruitment: right place, right time, right channel

First of all, the impact of Big Data on IT recruiting is significant. Expanding technology has created job boards, filtering and data tools that help people find hundreds of job openings with potential employers.

In addition filtering and data tools help everyone in the job hunting and IT headhunting space. New ways of prospecting for candidates assist in narrowing options.  Social media opens less formal channels to detect and nurture contacts with potential candidates, and prospective employers.

While, incoming technology will continue to affect hiring for high level talent in ways that include:

  • Data mining harvests information from multiple sites, creating networked candidate sourcing capabilities
  • Machine learning enables software to assess resumes and match candidates with potential positions faster—and more efficiently—than humans
  • Assessment tech will eventually parse candidates, reducing the time and effort needed by recruiters and hiring managers

Can machines do it all?  For high level recruiting of true global talent, human social skills are imperative.  Outreach, understanding, and the delivery of opportunity are key products of an experienced IT or corporate recruiter.

Furthermore, as software expands beyond applicant tracking systems (ATS), automation will give recruiters new levels of support needed to reach out to candidates who have not identified themselves through applications or job boards.

As part of effective talent management strategies, corporate and tech recruiters provide invaluable service through:

  • Sourcing and developing critically needed talent
  • Extensive networking
  • Relationship building
  • Assessment of capability and corporate fit
  • Interviewing and presentation
  • Candidate and client follow up

Familiarity with technological and business processes enable skilled recruiters to find the right talent fit for a defined need.  While job boards represent an open applicant call, the aim of local, national, and global IT and corporate talent acquisition is to allow you to find the position—or the employee—needed to reach your personal and operational goals. Contact us to begin!

Whether you are considering a career move or you are looking for a process solution—contact Hunt Group to talk about your options.