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If you are a top-flight IT executive or professional thinking about a job change, chances are good a recruiter can help you open doors. But how do you find the right recruiter?


At present, there are skills shortages across industry at all levels. This means conditions are good for workers seeking lateral or upward movement, but does nothing for improving the ability of top tier candidates to recognize or access new opportunities.


As recruiters and process builders, we create synergies between top talent and enterprise to align the professional and personal interests of all parties. If you work in the technology space and want to know about emerging positions—what steps should you take to improve your vision?


IT recruiting agencies: What should you look for?


Talent acquisition is big business. For the right challenge, working conditions, or compensation, a good percentage of the workforce is willing to entertain a move from their present employer. Our recruiting firm architects IT work teams, and management processes, for corporate clients.


If you are wondering what could be available, or earnestly seeking a change, consider these steps to bridge the distance between where you are, and a future position:


  • Take stock: Are you interested in a lateral move, or a different career track altogether? How do your present skills and acquired experience align with your desired direction? If you have reached your current goals, talk to a mentor, or professional coach to discuss a course forward.


  • Help yourself: Self-evaluation is a key attribute of top tier talent. A frank assessment reveals whether upskilling or other technical or soft skills are needed. Talk to trusted associates who may have made similar career or job changes. Look around your network for talented individuals who made professional moves. Ask if they used a recruiter or other resource. Referrals of all kinds are good. Job boards may provide light background, but are not likely to offer real leads at your level.


  • Identify recruiters: Recruiting agencies or search firms work for potential employers to conduct the process of researching, screening, and presenting appropriate talent for defined positions. The focus of a talent acquisition agency could be an IT team, department group, C-level, or other open position.
  • Speak, meet, and follow-up with your recruiter: You may have connected with one, or three, IT recruiting firms. Meet with recruiters in person to assess fit and direction. Your recruiter seeks to provide the best possible talent for their client—who could be your next potential employer. Although the recruiter is not working for you, they have a strong interest in understanding your skills and capabilities. A good IT or executive recruiter will let you know if they feel they can work with you. Be clear on what you are looking for, salary expectations, growth opportunities, and cultural fit.
  • Research: As you meet and work with a recruiter, do your own research on companies of interest, and those suggested to you. Be sure your brand marketing materials are consistent and competitive. Be ready to attend an interview with confidence and knowledge.


In our recruiting firm, we focus on locating and nurturing high performance talent. We build reciprocal relationships with candidates and clients to ensure a good fit down the line, even after hire. Working as team builder, process manager, and IT recruiter, our hands-on approach improves our service to you, and prospective employers.


Transactional costs—are you ready for the change?


As a tool to leverage growth, a job change can help you advance—or potentially slow you down. Be sure to understand the tangible and intangible costs of a job change. The larger the change—the bigger the impact on your life, or work/life balance. Consider these questions:


  • Are you ready for a job change or different career path?
  • Do you want to relocate? If asked to relocate, are you and your family prepared for the transition?
  • What are the real drivers behind your desired job change? Consider this essential question to make a grounded decision when considering a job—or career—change.


Change is good—with the right recruiter


Top companies seek top talent. If you are considering a change, talk with us. At The Hunt Group, we have a personal interest in helping you make the right professional connections. Contact us today.





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